When Will I Get My Coronavirus Vaccine in Singapore?

Over forty staff members from the National Center for Infectious Diseases, including executive director Leo Yee Sin, were vaccinated on December 30 last year – kicking off Singapore’s nationwide Covid-19 vaccination campaign. Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong received his shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine on January 8, making him the first member of the Cabinet to do so. Since then, healthcare, maritime, aviation and other frontline workers have started receiving their shots.

Singapore is reported to be able to secure enough vaccines for the entire population by the third quarter of 2021. Vaccinations will be rolled out gradually with vulnerable segments of the population being at the front of the line. Besides just vulnerable demographics, those who are working in essential services or jobs where there is a high risk of super-spreading will also be prioritised in getting vaccinated.

Only the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is approved at the moment in Singapore. There are those who are also exempted from this vaccine – including pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems and those under the age of 16 – as we wait for more data. While we are expecting additional vaccine deliveries from US biotechnology firm Moderna and China’s Sinovac, the government is still looking into securing different types of vaccines for certain segments of the population. 

Wondering how long it will be until you get the shot? Using publicly-available statistics on various types of health conditions, demographic sizes, manpower distributions across specific industries and some of the preliminary details released by the government we have have come up with a vaccination calculator to give you a rough estimate on where you are in the line. Note that these are estimations and by no means definitive figures. 

To start, tell us about yourself:

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What is your age?

What industry do you work in?

Do you have any Covid-19 related health risks?

Are you pregnant or expecting to conceive this year?

Are you immunocompromised?






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