Over the years, there has been a general trend favouring short-form journalism — which is often riddled with oversimplifications and sensationalism. While sites tell you what’s happening in Singapore, they don’t explain the deeper implications of events, and more importantly, how they affect ordinary Singaporeans. 

This is where Kopi comes in. The mission is a simple, albeit ambitious one: we want Singaporeans to discover the inner workings of their country — its politics, its culture, its people. 

Here’s how we do it. 

1. The Explainer Series

Singapore is Building an Airport City, and Jewel Changi Airport Proves it

The explainer series, explains and considers the implications of policies and events, in simple, easy-to-understand language. Every article that we publish, will be self-explanatory — with lots of relevant contextual information. Success here, would be getting readers understanding and forming their own views on the issue. 

Also, for a site that tries to explain it all, having a political slant or bias is disingenuous at best, and a betrayal at worse. Hence, we will never rely on a single point of view, or even on a balance of two. Important ideas, observations, points, and counterpoints can come from anywhere—from across the political spectrum—so we will look everywhere for them. 

2. The Story Series

North Korea Built a 330m Tall Pyramid in Pyongyang to Compete with Singapore

The story of Singapore is one of trials, tribulations and triumphs. In a short span of just over 50 years, Singapore has evolved from a colony to a city-state, becoming one of the most developed countries in the world. 

But we all knew that. That’s the well known Singapore story — the rags to riches one, the swamp to metropolis one, the defining-all-odds one. But there’s more to Singapore than just that. From the shiny integrated resorts to the heartlands — the country is gritty, it’s people are passionate and everyone has a story to tell.

It’s time that we listen to them. 

While the explainer series grants insight into the inner political workings of the country, the story series sheds light on the human condition in Singapore. The articles explore people, events and things that show us what it means to work, play and live in one of the world’s smallest countries. 

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In a world that is bubbling with clickbait, sensationalism and oversimplifications, Kopi aims to bring long-form journalism back to South-East Asia.

Through deeply analysed articles, we uncover and explain the complex and multifaceted issues facing our societies. Through engaging narratives, we tell stories that are bold and unique.