Dear Singapore, Don't Worry Too Much About the Coronavirus


We’ve been fighting the coronavirus for awhile now and people are starting to get scared.

Everyday we hear statistics about new cases and fear that one of us might be next.

These fears enable some of our worst tendencies. We spread rumours, hoard masks and act selfishly. 

Oddly enough, it should be the very same statistics that comfort us. With a daily average of 2.78 new cases per day, you are…

2X more likely to get into a bicycle/PMD related accident than to contract the virus.

5.85 injuries a day in 2018.

3X more likely to get dengue fever than to contract the virus.

9 cases a day in 2018.

6X more likely to die from cardiovascular diseases than to contract the virus.

16 deaths a day in 2016.

8X more likely to get into a road accident than to contract the virus.

21 accidents a day in 2018.

13X more likely to get into a workplace related accident than to contract the virus.

35 accidents a day in 2018.

13X more likely to get diagnosed with cancer than to contract the virus.

37 diagnosed a day in 2018.

These might be unfair comparisons, but the point is that there are many ways that we can come in harm’s way. The best we can do is to protect ourselves and the people around us.

Observe good personal hygiene. Mask up (only if you are sick) and wash your hands regularly. You wouldn’t want to sabo right?

Help others when they need it. In situations like these, our fear could be more harmful the issue itself. Don’t be selfish, don’t hoard groceries, don’t spread rumours and keep a positive mindset. 

And most importantly, wait it out. Things usually turn out fine and this time shouldn’t be an exception. 

Jiayou Singapore.

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